Basic Statistics Course

Basic Probability and Statistics Course (2 Days)

This course is designed to give a basic introduction to Probability and Statistics concepts and Methodology as they relate to Data collection, Statistical Data Analysis and Data Presentation/Reporting in the Workplace. Minitab Statistical Software will be used in this course as the basic statistical software package.

The 2 Day Course is for those students that either have previously attended a Probability and Statistics class or are currently applying Statistical methods in the work place and need only a review of the statistical concepts that will be covered in this course and will be further developed into practical statistical tools and methodology that can be used in the work place. The material in this course also acts as a pre-requisite to the material covered in the Intermediate and Advanced Statistics Courses.

This 2 Day Basic Probability and Statistics course can be combined with the 3 Day Intermediate Statistics course as a great review class for the ASQ Certified Quality Engineer Exam.

Three & Five Day Sessions are also offered for those students that either have little or no statistical background and/or have not used statistical methods in their workplace recently and need an in depth review and learning experience relative to basic probability and statistical methodology. Each statistical tool presented in the Five Day Session will be reviewed mathematically to allow each student to grasp, understand and learn each statistical concept as well as the proper application in the workplace.

Topics to be reviewed:

  • Data Collection Techniques
    • Validation &Verification
  • Data Presentation Techniques
    • Charting Methods
      • Multi-Vari, Pareto, Cause-and-Effect, Run Charts
    • Graphical Methods
      • Time Series Plots, Histograms, Box Plots
  • Probability Concepts
    • Sample Space, Events, Union, Intersection, Complement, Mutually Exclusive Events, Independent Events, Conditional Probability, Bayesian Probability, Combinatorics
  • Probability Distributions
    • Uniform, Binomial, Poisson, Normal
  • Basic Statistics
    • Mean, Median, Mode, Trimmed Mean, Standard Deviation, Minimum, Maximum, Quartiles
  • Central Limit Theorem
  • Statistical Methods
    • Hypothesis Tests and Confidence Intervals
  • Statistical Process Control/Control Charts
    • Variables Charts: X-bar and Range Charts, Individual and Moving Range Charts
    • Attribute Charts: P, NP, C and U Charts.

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