Green Belt Training with Certification Lean Six Sigma

June 12-14, 2024 (1st week)
June 24-26, 2024 (2nd week)

This class will be a hybrid. Some will be online and some will be at the Andover, MA area.

Join our Lean-Six Sigma Green Belt “Boot Camp” course with Certification. This is a 6-day training program in the suburbs of Boston, MA. Class runs daily from 8:30AM to 4:30PM.

Participants experience and learn the Six Sigma plus Lean philosophy and basic tools in this multi-media course. Our experienced instructors combine hands-on exercises, classroom teaching and video to fit different learning styles and to customize the class for the participants. Their experience allows them to share best practices and answer questions over a breadth of industries.

ROI for this training is usually three months or less.

Completion of a Green Belt project is required for certification. One-on-one project coaching helps to get the project done.

Green Belt Course Outline

  1. Define Phase
    • Lean-Six Sigma Introduction
    • Lean-Six Sigma Concepts
    • Project Charter
  2. Measure Phase
    • Lean-Six Sigma Metrics
    • Probability and Statistics Methodology
    • Introduction to Minitab 18
    • Introduction to Process Capability (Cpk/Cp)
    • MSA, Gage R&R
    • (MTM)-Methods and Time Measurements training
    • Process Mapping
  3. Analyze Phase
    • Hypotheses Testing
    • Analysis of Variance Methodology (ANOVA)
    • Minitab Analyze Phase Applications
  4. Improve Phase
    • Design of Experiments (DOE)
    • Minitab Improve Phase Applications
    • Design of Manufacturing Flow Lines
    • Kaizen Technique
  5. Control Phase
    • Control Charts: Variable & Attribute
    • Poka Yoke
    • Roadmaps for Lean-Six Sigma
    • Case Studies
  6. Green Belt Certification Test
  7. Green Belt Project

Six Sigma plus Lean Green Belt Training is $2,500 /person.

Make Quantum Leaps in Efficiency and Profitability!

Would you prefer customized training for your company?

Quantum Leap Engineering (QLE) consults and develops customized Six Sigma plus Lean training programs to teach your workforce. Call Sean at 508-954-0185 to discuss what you need.

Experience the Quantum Training Difference

  • Our experienced instructors each have 20-30 years in the field and a Masters or PhD degree
  • We offer highly interactive, hands-on teaching including multi-media
  • We customize the material for client needs
  • We teach using statistical software, so that students have the statistical experience that the industry prefers

A personalized approach that continues after the class

Quantum Leap Engineering is very effective both at teaching the continuous improvement tools and working with the company to implement the changes. Our management demands ROI and that’s what Quantum Leap Engineering delivers.

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